When starting a blog, what is the single most important element to focus on to reach success?

This question was asked by Carlos Augusto of Plu.sx.

Carlos goes on to say:

Also, what suggestions should I ignore at the beginning stages?

I think the most important factor is posting frequency. Not necessarily because it will get you a lot of traffic (it can), but you’ll learn faster what topics tend to resonate with your audience and search engines the best. The more data, the more you can learn.

Also, making blogging habit forming is really key. So many people and companies start a blog and then let it collect dust. Blogging is something you have to do routinely to see any success. There’s no way around this fact :).

Then it really comes down to establishing true readership. How would you build a print publication if it was 1918? There were no search engines then. You couldn’t get lucky on one-off articles that happen to hit the keyword gold mine. You would have to develop a real following. So how do you do that?

I talk about this in more detail in this post.

What should you ignore?


Well, I like to say: all other marketing activities :). Try to give it all you can for a couple months, if possible. The more you spread your energy thin, the more mediocre your results will be in all areas you’re working in. Usually, it’s a good idea to delegate other marketing activities to other people if possible. That way the blog gets 100% attention.

I talk about this “energy ratio” concept in this presentation.

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