In your expert opinion, what’s the best way to organically grow traffic to your site?

This question was asked by Lunaria L. Moon of Only Fun Things.

I guess it depends on what the goal of the website is and what type of site we’re talking about. Let’s take three types of businesses and run through some examples:

  1. A local plumber and his/her website
  2. A blogger in some sort of niche
  3. A tech start-up

The Plumber’s Site

The best thing for the plumber to do ASAP is double down on what we in the industry call “local SEO”. This is the where you get your site dialed into Google Maps and localized Google Searches. My number one recommendation is to start submitting your business information to very relevant and trusted business directories. Make sure you use the same contact information for each directory. Keep it consistent!

Then set up your “Google My Business” account here. I would fill out everything as accurately and as detailed as possible. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Most importantly, don’t try any tricks. Don’t try to make multiple locations and create multiple accounts if you only have one location. That kind of naughty behavior doesn’t sit well with Google. It will cause more damage than it’s worth.

Finally, I would consider setting up a blog on the same domain as the plumber’s website ( And on that blog, write posts and do YouTube videos discussing how to solve local plumbing problems. For example, in my neighborhood, all the homes were built in the 1970s and we have a lot of problems with broken pipes in the foundation. I would recommend creating content around a topic like this (assuming you were a plumber in my neighborhood). Address how to solve it. How to prevent it. What you can do after a break etc. Other cities might have highly calcified water. Should homeowners get water softening equipment? What other issues can be discussed on this topic? Hopefully, the plumber comes off as a trusted expert, and wins over new customers!

The Blogger

First, stick to your niche. Don’t try to blog about everything under the sun. You want to be the expert at what you know best. Then it’s really about being prolific:

  • If you’re not blogging once a day, then try blogging once a day.
  • Turn your posts into video screencasts and upload them to YouTube. Link to your blog post in your YouTube video description.
  • Guest blog on other blogs that are more popular than your own blog.
  • Create some posts or pages that serve as a resource to your community. See if other blogs will link to it.
  • Try doing a podcast!
  • Most importantly, measure each campaign and see how it affected your traffic.

I could go on all day on how to boost a blogger’s blog – if you need more ideas just let me know ;).

The Tech Start-Up

Hit the PR. I would actually ask around as to what the best PR firm is in your space. Who’s had success with what firm? The bottom line is: You want buzz. Buzz brings reporters, stories get written, and you get high-quality links (which is amazing for your website’s SEO).

If you’re in a not-so-overcrowded niche, I would start a blog. Don’t blog about your company’s office retreats. Instead, focus on blogging about how your product or service solves your customer’s problems. Write a lot of how-to type articles that will attract your target customers. For example, if my tech start-up were some kind of wedding photography drone 🙂 …. I would write an article called, “How to Tactfully Capture Aerial Wedding Footage.” This article would be incredibly in-depth, with lots of photos, all the photos would have descriptive alt tags etc.

Bonus: Check out HARO. This is a great site that can really improve your PR connections.

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