About WriteSean.com

Hi! I’m Sean Work.

I’ve been doing internet marketing, SEO, PPC and company building for 20 years now. I’ve been busy working for Boeing, KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and on my own consulting business during the beginning of this century.

I get a lot of questions about doing business on the internet. From B2B SaaS businesses to eCommerce – I get questions from all over. Instead of answering these questions on a per email basis, I decided to make this a simple question and answer site for anyone who has questions.

So please visit this site’s homepage and ask away!

Some notes:

  • I’ll try to answer questions as thoroughly as I have time for that day. I may come back and polish up answers later that day or during the week. I’ll try to contact you if I do.
  • Connect with me on Twitter or Linkedin if you can. I link to your Twitter profile in the question opener. It also provides me a second option if I need to follow up with you.