Is Link Building Useless? These Guys Say So.

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Please watch this:

They say link building is useless…. Please let me know if they’re full of sh*t.

But how can that be? Who finds the great content in the first place? Maybe the key is that the content has to match some long tail keywords that it on page 1 just by existing. Then from there, enough people find it that somebody links to it, and so on….

About that video…

It’s true. If you write great content, sometimes you’ll luck out and rank well and get a bunch of traffic. Google doesn’t really want you to do any active link building where you’re trying to game their system. And these guys are right – it’s probably a bad idea for many reasons:

  1. It’s pretty obvious when someone is trying to do “forced link building”. Remember, Google is smart. If Mr. Crafty Linkbuilder keeps pointing the same keywords-rich-links from all over the web to the exact pages he wants to boost in the search engine rankings – over time, Google is going figure this out. And that could means it’s curtains for the site. This is loosely referred to as “unnatural link building”.
  2. Google most likely keeps track of the number of links to your home page as well as deeper pages. If you have a crap ton of links to /best-used-cars-on-earth – say more than your home page, or even an elevated amount compared to what’s “natural”, they’ll notice you’re trying to game their system.

Therefore, the safest bet is to just produce the best content you can, then do tons of promotion and PR. Get buzz. A great business with a great value proposition, should spend all their time getting known. That’s where the good links come from. To take an extreme example – say you get written up in the NY Times. Well, then you just earned a SUPER backlink. Next thing you know, other top publications are going to write about you and link to you – and you start getting a bunch of natural, high-quality links.

If you have some jackass “building links” for you, they’re probably going to do more damage than good. Just focus on good marketing and it really takes care of itself.

Now, there’s a lot of good, natural link building that most people never get around to:

  • Links from your YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media profile
  • Respectable business directories
  • Professional association and business networking websites
  • Testimonials
  • Contributing high-value articles to respected sites

All these would provide natural backlinks. Fair game. Go and get em..

P.S. – There are lots of sites that allow you to fill out a company/personal profile. You can plug your website link in almost all of them. This is totally normal and natural. Just stay away from anything that looks spammy, scandalous or overly ad-driven.

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