Does a PPC campaign get better results when done on Google? Or is Bing as good?

Ah! The first question of the site!

This question was submitted by Alan Reyes.

This really depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your PPC campaign. And before we get into the meat and potatoes, PPC means Pay-Per-Click advertising. You know when you do a search on Google and you see all those ads at the top of the page? Those are called PPC ads.

Both Google and Bing have PPC advertising options for businesses. For Google, it’s pretty much their bread and butter and if you’ve noticed, their advertising program has taken up much more real estate on search results pages over the years. They gotta please investors!

But to get to the question, the short answer is:

  • Google has the volume. If you need visitors or traffic and lots of it – Google delivers. Obviously right? Most people use Google every day. However, you’ll pay a pretty penny for that traffic (in most cases).
  • Bing can be a lot cheaper. You may not find the amount of traffic you’re looking for, but generally, if you’re going to do Google, you should try Bing as well.

Up until last year (2017), I was having tremendous luck with Bing. I was getting incredibly cheap traffic. It was like the world forgot about Bing. It seems like the secret is out. Pricing for many of the keywords I’ve been bidding on have gone up.

Weirdly, I still like Bing better. Bing has amazing customer support. It’s friendlier. They treat you like a customer. You know, like when you walked into a candy shop as a kid – the people at the front register were nice to you. Google Adwords feels like a gladiator arena. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be fed to the lions!

Now with any PPC campaigns you’re running, your results depend on how good of a marketer you are. Make sure you:

  • You know your audience. The more research you do on your audience, the better you’ll do. Interview your actual paying customers. Learn the language they use when talking about your business and use that language in your ad copy and landing page copy.
  • You create specific landing pages for each of your ad groups. Generally, the tighter you cluster your keywords and language to a corresponding landing page that has matching keywords and ad copy language, the better your results will be.
  • Use conversion tracking if possible. Knowing whether your PPC traffic converted into a measurable goal is one of the greatest things about PPC! It’s marketing spend you can track!

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